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Monday, July 16, 2012

Pretty Pink Dining Room

I love these shades of pink! What do you all think, do you think you'd OD on cute if this was your kitchen/dining room? It is very girlie but I think I could live with it without getting sick of it. Then again, I am single; I don't know what a husband would have to say about this - or my 17 year old son either, for that matter!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stunning Natural Pools

It took me a couple of minutes to get used to the idea of natural pools. Sometimes I wonder how clean the water really is, but when I see pictures like these I can't help but think about diving into these swimming areas. Pretty brilliant isn't it? They are prettier than many ordinary pools you might find in a backyard. They combine a water feature/pond look with the beauty of an inviting place to swim.

five days five ways  feature friday free for all

19th Century Chateau in Central Park

Wow, what a gorgeous home! I can't even imagine how much this place costs, in NYC, but it must be a fortune. I especially like the windows and the spiral staircase. The ceiling woodwork is very pretty too. Ok, who wants to go in on the rent with me? Anyone? ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amazing Outdoor Rooms

I was in my backyard today, taking my dog out, trying not to step in dog poop and I looked around... My yard is huge, an acre of land, and much of it is overgrown because I just can't take care of it. I myself have an injury that prevents me from doing much easier things, so yard work is right out, and I can't afford to pay a landscaper. Anyway, I did take the time to dream about what it could be like - maybe someday when the kids are grown and I hit the lottery :)

In the spirit of yard fantasies, enjoy some lovely outdoor living spaces I found for you!

Source: via Gayle on Pinterest

Rustic Country Kitchen

So warm and homey, isn't it? I love all the woodwork, the hanging pots & the shelves full of jars. "Controlled clutter", I suppose I would call it - bottles and fruits and veggies on the counters, dishes within arm's reach on the bottom shelf of the island, plants spilling out over the shelves... It looks like someone might just burst into cooking a fabulous meal at any moment, like a kitchen you could really get creative in.

Tree & Cob Cabin

This whole cabin is evidently made of cob and recycled tree limbs, it's very cute isn't it? I always did like the exposed rafter look and this is exposed rafters to the extreme! I love the straight-up trees next to the dining table and the microwave on the right. For more info, go to Whole Tree Architecture.
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